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How my Rock Bottom Helped me Reinvent Myself!

Everyone in their life time hits rock bottom right? Well not everyone and if they do each of our rock bottom differs, one thing about being down there is that the only way is up, cliché as it sounds it’s true. My names Ayo, a driven, focused and self-motivated woman who is goal and to project driven. You will never get a rise out of me unless I allow you to…controlled should be my middle name.

Unappreciated at Work

Work Unappreciated2My most recent rock bottom started when I was in a job that I invested my heart and soul into to but realised I wasn’t being appreciated for all the hard work, achievements and improvements I had made to the business and employees work life. I loved being a Training and Development Manager, my mission was to help others see  their full potential, by developing their job skills, confidence and  referring them to continuous professional development.

Around that time of feeling unappreciated, I unfortunately became ill and diagnosed with grade 4 Endometriosis with grapefruit like cists on my bladder and ovaries. A year later my dad became ill with a terminal illness, called Pulmonary Fibrosis, that would eventually take his life 18 months later.
During that time my family and I dedicated all our time, energy and love to care for him. I left my job, as life was too short to waste time somewhere I was unhappy  when my dad needed me more. I was a massive saver so I had enough money to manage on for an initial 4-6 month period. During that time I was able to finish my Masters. Crazy right? Not even sure how I handed in that 22k primary research project.
I gained 50lbs over 6 month period as caring for someone else means you have no time to look after yourself. Also I didn’t care, I wasn’t priority my dad was, him being as comfortable as possible, making sure his bills were paid, keeping him laughing and being his listening ear was my job. When I was caring for my dad I didn’t go through the process of making it official with DWP and instead signed on whilst caring for him which wasn’t an easy task.
The Lowest Point
I give up
So my lowest point came when my dad passed in the early hours on Tuesday 20th January 2015. I felt so damn lost.  Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays was my
days with my dad spending 9-12 hours a day. What the hell was I meant to do now? What was my purpose in life now? I was a carer and a daughter to the most inspirational man I had known. Still till this day I miss driving to see him especially on Saturdays, getting his lottery ticket done, watching football on Sky Sports and ending it with match of the day on the BBC.. Best times ever!!
So with all that feeling of worthlessness, I also had that dreaded 50lbs excess weight literally weighing me down. The jobcentre signing on process that was soul destroying to add to my misery of being in debt and living off my credit cards. So what now? How do
I get out this rut?
My Motivator
My motivation came from one person and one person only. My dad, during his illness he was such a inspiration for me. Although he was always in pain and gasping for breath he would talk about how proud he was of all his kids and what he wished for us in the future. But there was a particular conversation and words that will always stay with me and these were the words that got me realising life’s too short wasting it on moping .
“Ayo you’re my role model, do all the things I didn’t get to do and do it with happiness in your heart”
Treat Everything like a Project
Weightloss success
As I said at the start, I manage my life like mini projects, so by April 2015 I went into project fitness aka lose this excess weight mode. I also needed to deal with my own illness so decided to focus on health and fitness for that period time . Weight loss wise I managed to lose 34lbs over a five month period. So my next project was get back into the employment game mode before I was deemed unemployable due to the length of time of being on the governments benefit list.
Career Change
I knew this was the time to do something a bit different, kind of a career change. I chose to focus on the new trends of learning technologies and coding. I invested in learning about e-learning platforms, website and e-commerce coding. Wow what an eye opener, how comes I didn’t know about all this? From Articulate Storyline2 to HTML and CSS coding I had officially  embraced my geek side. I love learning so these new skills just got me even more excited with all the possibilities and opportunitites.
In June a good friend of mine, approached me with an idea of starting our own business as we had knowledge and skills that complimented each other. I remembered her putting the proposal to me and saying “get back to me on what you think”. I didn’t have to, as everything she said had been something that had been on my mind  2 years
previously. It was even a project I approached my then Director with of which she loved and wanted me to head up, her loss right!
Getting back to my friend, the thing about us is that we think so alike career wise, it’s scary actually. We can go months without speaking to each other but when we reconnect we both have the same thought process. I adore her and she keeps me forever motivated. We’re both driven, addicted to beneficial learning that adds to our long term goals.
We’re individually working on our own projects right now to soon put it together to support our overall business model. Both gaining the knowledge and creditability in our respective businesses to create something amazing.. Watch this space!!
Project Entrepreneur
EntrepreneurSo in November 2015 I officially become a Sole Trader
of Created an e-learning, business and career  development service for individuals and b2b. Prior to business launch and till date I have spent six months focusing on branding and marketing my business. I even created my own HTML(5),  CS3 with a bit of JavaScript based website, check me out huh!!  Unfortunately with that I neglected my fitness, and put on 20lbs in weight, buts that’s the sacrifice you have to make at the beginning.
It’s funny the services you originally think your pitching ends up being an add on. Four months on since launching I now work more on offering social media management, training and business coaching for other Entrepreneurs. Coaching has been what I wanted to do since I was 23 and only  realised that coaching is part of me as I forever coach my family and friends without knowing.
As a advocate for learning, I believe learning is paramount in anything you set your mind too. Even an expert stated learning about their craft at some point.I spend just as much time studying on a weekly basis as developing my business.
Project Fitness
push ups
So as the end of February is coming and in another month or so British Summertime heads are way, Yeay!! I’ve started my next project.. Fit Ayo. I’m a brand, so I have to make sure I feel comfortable with what I putting out there visually. My fitness journey starts here. To see my journey over the next seven months please feel free to follow me on Snap Chat and Instagram.
Snapchat: AyesOffical
Setting Goals
To help me set my business and fitness goal I used the SMART system which stands for: Specific – Measure – Achievable – Realistic – Time. For my fitness goals, here are my goals:
  • Specific – lose 22lbs weight or lose 2 dress sizes. To be more specific – loss 3lbs per month
  • Measurable – Scales = weight loss  – Keep an online health eating and exercise diary. Recommend
  • Achievable – under promise and overachieve the above measures fitness session minimum 3 times a week cardio and toning up. Agreed and Actioned
  • Realistic – Can your commit? – hell yeah – various days up to four times a week – Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Results orientated person
  • Time-bound – Over a 7 months time scale – March –  September 2016 deadline).
If you need some advice or generally looking for some tips and know-how’s jump on board our fortnightly newsletter and get the help and support you need TODAY!
Final Thought…
“Never be afraid to fall apart. It presents an opportunity to rebuild yourself the way you wish you’d been all a long”

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