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Yes, You Need a Facebook Page!!

The question has always been from many new entrepreneurs is should I have a Facebook page for my business or should I use my Facebook personal page? Well to help you decide you need to truly understand how each works and then choose which one best suits what you are trying to achieve. I will talk about the difference between a Facebook profile and Facebook page and the newest features available on a business page.

A Facebook Profile is a personal account on Facebook. When you sign up for Facebook you get a Profile which is connected to your nominated email address. This is a place where you can add friends and family members, communicate on a personal level, and share photos, videos, and life updates. You can also private message the people that your follow in the form of instant messaging. You can only ever have one profile and everyone that joins Facebook firstly gets a Facebook profile.

You can only create a Facebook Page once you have a Facebook Profile. A Facebook page is a business account that represents a company or organization. It has many business like features that allows your page to list some of your products and services you sell. This marketing tool also allows you to promote your specials, create contests, and promote your online and onsite events to followers who have engaged with your page. The other major benefit to having a Page is that it also allows your business to use Facebook advertisements. Unlike a Facebook profile there is no limit to the number of Pages you can manage.

If you are still thinking of using your profile for your business and not having a page please bare this in mind:

  • You will be in violation of the Facebook’s terms of services meaning that your profile page will be suspended along with any other groups you may have created.
  • A small business without a page can raise great concerns to interested audiences as it makes it look like you’re out of touch with new technology.
  • People will feel uncomfortable following your profile as they would feel like they are trespassing and listening to private conversations.
  • Without a page you can lose trust and credibility instantly and concerns that you are not a legit company.

Your page provides you with business related features that will help you to grow your audience, build your brand awareness and create authentic online relationships with your ideal audiences. The 10 features you should be using for your business are:

1.    List your products and services
2.    Provide a call to action
3.    Facebook advertising
4.    Promote your online and offline events
5.    Facebook insights
6.    Direct messaging to clients
7.    Display opening hours and address
8.    Schedule posts
9.    Facebook notes
10. Link to your website or online shop

The 3 newest features:

  • Facebook Live was the newest feature for Facebook in 2015 and came off the back of seeing the popularity of the video storytelling feature of Snapchat. Facebook live video streams helps you to engage your audience in ways pre-recorded content can’t match. Facebook Live lets you broadcast in real-time direct into your audience news feed with the push of the live button. This feature helps you to build real relationships, educate, promote and show the behind the scenes of what your business does on a daily base.
  • Tag your products to a post: Facebook are now trying to get you to post organically and directly from your page by giving you the opportunity to tag in your products and services that you have listed on your page. Currently only possible to do using a desktop. I love this new feature, so instead of having to add an image for your product and description to a post you could focus on making your post more of a story telling type sales copy and tag your product or services using the 5th symbol found at the bottom of the post next to the location symbol.
  • Tagging audience to posts: When you post directly from your Facebook page on your desktop you can now target a particular type of audience for that post, similar to what you do on your Facebook ads. May this be the answer to all our frustrations on the lack of organic reach for our posts? Maybe especially if our posts are now somehow magically appearing in the feeds of our targeted audience.

I hope this post has highlighted why you profile is not the place to promote your business and the true benefits to why your page is the ideal online space for marketing your business in order to drive people on to your website.


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