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8 Steps to Building Authentic Online Relationships Within Facebook Groups

As much as everybody is telling you about going online to find your ideal customers, it’s not that simple. It’s just like when your married friend with two and half kids tell you in order to find Mr right you just need to put yourself out there, yeah thanks for that general statement. How do I go about doing that, give me some actionable tips for crying out loud.

This is why I see so many entrepreneurs online doing it so wrong to the point they are actually repelling people instead. You hear their frustrations and complaints that they just can’t seem to find their ideal customers, well of course you can’t because you don’t understand the process it takes in building an online authentic relationship with people let alone your ideal customers.

After almost 18 months of working solely online as a business start-up strategist, I have been able to connect with amazing people, get involved in new projects, find new business friendships and become an ambassador to groups where my ideal customers reside.

This is why I have created this 8 tips on how to go about building online relationships that will eventually get you seen as an expert and help you attract new customers into your business.

Step One: Searching

Search for 10-20 Facebook, Linkedin, Slack groups etc. that your audience and competitors hangout in. So if your focus is finding new customers, look for groups that helps with their pain-points. For example if you’re a skincare brand specialising in acne products and education, then you must look for groups that are specifically focused on helping customers needing help managing their skin condition.

Step Two: Introduction

Introduce yourself: Don’t be boring with the same name, business, and areas of expertise and who you help. That’s so boring, you need to stand out as a person and be memorable. I include all the above and add some weird things about me:

Step Three: Helping Hand

Now chose the days you will go into the groups and provide help and support. Now set the number of threads you plan to answer per group, per day or per week and get involved. This is part is not about adding your link or asking someone to PM (private message) you, this is about providing value within that thread. Maybe add a link to a useful blog post but if you can help them directly in the thread do so.

Don’t just like posts, that won’t have you seen as an expert, that won’t actually get you seen at all. Be consistent, add value and support, support and support more.

Step Four: Promotional Days

Only share and promote your free optins offers and blogs on the promotional days of the week. I would suggest being actively visible for a few weeks before dropping your link as people can sense your motives to joining the group as just promoting yourself. So firstly list all the promotional days of each group, and make sure you have your links working and have a few sentences that entices people to click.

Step Five: Look Out For Job Related Posts

You will have some post directly asking for a particular service or products, this is your opportunity to highlight your skills and offering. Don’t be intimated as this will be a very popular and busy thread. But still answer the thread, even if you’re not chosen other people are watching. There are many lurkers that don’t necessary say anything or acknowledge any of your posts but they have been seeing you around. Many people I know have been contacted directly from potential clients simply because they’ve been seeing the value provided for free and now has helped them to be seen as the go to person.

Step Six: Get on a Call

Once you are approached arrange a discovery call with them so that you can get to know them and find out what their needs are. You can use your phone to call them directly if their local or online software and apps. I use the free plan on which is an online video conference system that allows you to schedule the meeting and send the ID link to your client.

Step Seven: How To Get Referred

Please remember just because their on your call it’s not about you trying to sell to them. This call is finding out about them, introducing yourself and what you offer. If the query they have is easy to solve and can be given for free during the call, then just do it. You’re more than likely to be recommended in the group by that person you helped for free.

Step Eight: Follow-up

Always make sure to do a follow-up a few days after the call or even after answering a thread. Ask to see if they were able to resolve their challenge.

After your discovery call, you want to consistently in their mind so email them to see if there’s anything else they need. Did you know it takes around 5+ follow up before people buy into you and take you up on your services especial if they haven’t found a solution? Even if they have found a solution, by being consistently helpful they may just promote you to their friends and customer base.

So make sure you have your strategy in place, be helpful, give support, be patient and don’t focus on selling focus on helping! If you’re unsure where to start looking for Facebook business groups to join, sign-up and download the list and start following some amazing communities.

What Not To Do In Facebook Groups:

So I have now spoken about how to build authentic online relations, here are the things you MUST not do when you go into Facebook groups:

1.    Go into groups

2.    Do not Post branded inspiration images.

3.    Do not reply to posts with a “I have some ideas. PM me for more info!” kinda answer.

4.    Share posts directly from your business page.

5.    Cross-post the exact same thing to multiple groups all at once.

6.    Make sure you’re not just show up only to promote yourself.



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